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  Re-certification Policy

Cisco certification validates an individual's achievement. In this fast-paced Internet economy, re-certification is a tangible indication to IT professionals and the organizations that employ them that the certification holder has kept up with current trends in technology.

Cisco Career Certifications at the Associate and Professional level (CCNA, CCDA, CCNP, CCDP) are valid for three years. CCIE and Specializations are valid for two years. Valid certifications may be renewed indefinitely. Without timely renewal, certifications expire or become inactive.

Understanding the Rationale

By using limited-term certifications an offering an exam-based re-certification process Cisco assures that certification holders have not only met high standards, but also kept their skills up to date
Re-certification has been part of the Cisco Career Certification program sine 1997, when CCIE re-certification was implemented. It is now being implemented for the Professional and Associate levels and for Specializations. A re-certification policy with time limits on certifications and a way to renew them keeps certification status relevant during a time of rapidly changing technology.

Re-certification - How and Why

To renew certifications, holders must register for and pass the appropriate Cisco re-certification exams. Re-certification exams are offered on a regular basis at locations throughout the world. Valid certifications may be renewed indefinitely. For CCIE certificate holders, renewal requires passing a re-certification test and also attending specific sessions at Networkers conferences.
  • For CCNA and CCDA, the re-certification exam is simply the current version of the appropriate exam.
  • At the Professional level, there is a re-certification exam for CCFNP and a different one for DDCP. Questions for these exams are drawn from the several exams currently in use for that certification.
  • For Specializations, the re-certification exam is simply the current version of the appropriate exam. (For Network Management, there are two exams).
People re-certify for the following reasons:
  • They cannot afford not to. Once a certification has expired, it can no longer be used on a resume or business card. An inactive CCIE certification revokes CCIE privileges.
  • Associates and Professional need a valid certification at one level to attain one at a higher level. A valid CCNA, for example is required when someone registers for the CCNP exam.
  • They don't want to start over. Because expired certifications cannot be renewed, their holders must go through the entire exam process to regain them. For CCIE re-certification policy, see www.cisco.com/go/ccie.
About the Cisco Career Certifications Tracking System

This password-protected database, available from the Cisco Certification site (www.cisco.com/go/certifications), contains contact information, exam history, and certification progress for Associate and Professional certificate holders in the Cisco Career Certifications program.
Steps to Associate and Professional Re-certification:
  1. Keep your contact information current.
    Check and update your personal information in the Cisco Career Certifications Tracking System on the Certification site. Select Tracking System from the bar on the left, navigate to the login screen, and enter your login ID and password. (Cisco uses the information in this database to notify you about expiring certificates).
  2. Monitor your certification.
    Check the expiration date of your certification on the Cisco Career Certifications Tracking System.
  3. Prepare for the re-certification exam.
    Review the exam outlines on the Certification site and, if necessary, enroll in the recommended courses.
  4. Register in advance.
    Check the exam dates on the Certification site and register online. Plan ahead so you have time to pass the re-certification exam before your certification expires.
  5. Review and acknowledge the agreement.
    Review the updated version of the Cisco Career Certifications Agreement posted on the Certification site. Then go to the Cisco Career Certifications Tracking System to acknowledge the agreement electronically.
  6. Take the exam.
    When you pass a re-certification exam, you receive a new certificate and wallet card.